Paleo Pancakes!


The big adventure of my morning was making paleo pancakes!  Now I don’t normally focus on switching up my breakfast food.  Probably because i’m usually so tired in the mornings that I don’t really care what i’m eating, I just am hungry so i’m going to make what’s quick and easy.  This usually consists of a piece of whole wheat or brown bread, english muffin with an egg and a cheese slice.  This morning…pancakes!  What a thought.  Having pancakes for breakfast in the middle of the week?

First…I will paste the recipe below, but the one I decided to try was from the following site  The reason I chose this one was because of the ingredients.  Rather, the fact that it only had three ingredients.  THREE!!  I figure if I can successfully get myself to work in the mornings, I can certainly mush three things up in a bowl and cook them.

Paleo Pancakes Recipe

The great thing about paleo pancakes is they are super simple to make. Case in point: this only takes 3 ingredients.

  • 2 Ripe Bananas
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Heaping Tablespoon of Almond Butter

Paleo Pancake Directions

Again, the directions for this dish are deceivingly simple:

  1. Mash Up The Bananas
  2. Add In the Egg and mix into the batter
  3. Stir in the almond butter to the mix (more almond butter = more pancake-y type texture)
  4. Cover pan with butter or coconut oil
  5. Cook the pancakes until brown on each side
  6. Top with fruit as needed

With this I cooked two big pancakes.  I think for next time I would actually cook 4 smaller one’s, as it takes a big longer for the middle to cook.  I might also try using coconut oil in the pan instead of olive oil as that seems to cook off quite quickly.  I also want to see if this is something I can make a bunch of and freeze so I can quickly microwave them for breakfast or for a snack.

One other thing i’ve noticed.  Peeing!  No shit…low carb, higher protein…you’re peeing every half hour!  That might be a stretch but it feels like i’m in there quite alot.  Like I need to reserve a stall just for me.

In a nutshell (no paleo pun intended) everything is going well!


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